Building sustainable prosperity

The Northern Ireland Fish Producers’ Organisation Ltd (NIFPO) was formed in 1975 to represent NI fishermen, to support our fishing communities and to safeguard the future of NI fishing for future generations. Our 3 pillars of representing, supporting and safeguarding have been key in our role of leading the NI fishing sector forward into Brexit and then into the uncertain future beyond. Our CEO Harry Wick can be seen regularly in the media and at Government level voicing the views of NI fishermen and protecting their interests and the future of the NI fishing sector.

NIFPO today represents the largest percentage of fishermen in NI with members in all the harbours of Northern Ireland. We have approximately 150 member vessels, which now includes a growing membership in England, Scotland and Ireland. Our vessels range in size from 7m potters to 24m+ trawlers. Our fishing region is the North East Atlantic. The most important species for the local NI fleet is Nephrops (also known as prawns, scampi & langoustine).

We provide many services for our members:

  • Quota Management (for >120 vessels)
  • Assistance with vessel registration & licensing
  • Grant funding applications
  • Fisheries management representation at local, national & European level

In additional we also operate chandlery stores in the three main fishing ports in NI.

#supportNIfishing campaign

We launched this campaign in 2019 to keep everyone (industry, Government and public) focused on the most important long term issues we face as a sector, to ensure we all have a future when Brexit is consigned to a footnote in history. The political drama of the ‘now’ must not take our eye off the fact that we are custodians of an historic industry that we must preserve. We must build sustainable prosperity. NIFPO’s role is to lead the industry forward, to keep us all focused on the long term needs, achieved by short term objectives.


Representing the majority of the Northern Irish fishing fleet with members in every harbour, NIFPO is the custodian of an historic fishing industry in Northern Ireland.


1 Coastguard Cottages,
Co Down
BT22 1EA


Tel: 028 427 71946/71954
Fax: 028 427 71696
E-Mail: info@nifpo.co.uk