Quota Management is the most important service we provide to our members and we are one of the few Producers’ Organisations in the UK that still operates a “Pool” quota management system for most of our members.

Our quota management system has had continual investment on FQA purchases since 1999 allowing us to continue to operate this system for our members.

How has this benefited NIFPO and our members?

It has been through this investment that we are able to set monthly catch limits that allow our vessels to operate in the main without the need for individual vessels leasing additional quota at significant cost to the vessel. The main exception being Irish Sea Cod which has had quota reductions year on year to a point that we are unable to operate a fishery for Cod in the Irish Sea.

Latest Quota File

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Representing the majority of the Northern Irish fishing fleet with members in every harbour, NIFPO is the custodian of an historic fishing industry in Northern Ireland.


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